Free Poker

Playing free poker is the best way to learn game. However, if a player happens to hit the jackpot there's no payout. The best way to get around this is with 'freerolls.' A freeroll is a free poker tournament that doesn't require an entry fee but pays the winner/s in real money or a real money prize such as a tournament entry ticket or Poker merchandise. This may sound 'to good to be true,' but it is true. Finally one exception to the 'if it sounds too good to be true it isn't' rule.

Freerolls are almost older than online poker itself. Since the start of the online casino industry, there have been vigorous competition to recruit players. One consequence of this onslaught of competition is the freeroll. In layman's terms; a freeroll is actually something for nothing. Well, time is something. And that's all that is required of the player. Playing in freeroll tournaments is the best way for a player to sharpen their poker skills. The catch is, there's always one, there are various types of freerolls and searching for the best ones can be daunting for new poker players.

There are usually some restrictions with freerolls. Some casinos limit freerolls to players who have recently signed up with an online poker room while other casinos may restrict freerolls to players who have played a specific number of hands in the last 30 days. Others may permit a player to indulge if they are from a certain region or for being a social media fan of a famous poker player on Facebook. But there is free cash to be won, so it's best that a player takes their time to find the best deals.

Prizes in freerolls can result in cash. Some stakes are small that award only a few measly bucks and others have awarded one-million dollars in free cash. The criterion is in the [$500.00-$2000.00] scope.

Signing up for online poker rooms should qualify a player to join in freeroll games. Frequent player points could also get a player in if it's with an online casino they frequent. Other online casinos offer freerolls to Facebook fans and contest winners. The best a player can do is do their research to find the best freeroll poker sites then join in the excitement.

Online casinos with free poker:
888 Casino and Casino Euro

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